What are the benefits of buying Cialis online from Canada?
The price is totally fair and the results will not make you wait. All you need to do is to check the prescription and make sure that this drug is not going to have an awful impact on you.

How much Cialis I will have to take when time in order to make it work?
Usually, men are talking about 20mg of Cialis but in case you are talking it for the very first time please take 10mg.

Do I have to eat or will it be better to take it while I am hungry?
To be honest it will be better for you to take Cialis while you are hungry. It will have a better effect on an empty stomach. This way Cialis will get to your blood quicker so the effect will be obvious earlier.

How quick will I have an erection after taking the Cialis, I am over 50?
Well, the erection is expected from 1 hour after to 36 hours. You have to keep in mind that whether or not have you eaten earlier is an important fact.

Can I take Cialis if I just had a stroke 2 months ago?
No, you can not take Cialis if you have serious heart diseases and other conditions. We want you to be extremely careful and take these pills only if you are healthy and after consulting your doctor. There are so many ways for you to make sure that you are healthy, never get your health under risk.

I just had an erection problem for the first time, will Cialis help me?
Yes, it will, but keep in mind that it is important to get a sexual stimulation. Cialis from Canada is not going to work on its own. All you ought to do is to take it in a proper amount, and you will see that it is really effective in every way.

How you tested Cialis on people of various age, and if so can I take Cialis if I have problems with erection in my thirties?
We advise you to take Cialis in order to get a proper erection, especially when you are having serious problems in bed with your wife, or life-partner. But even when you are alternatively young it will be better for you to consider consulting your personal doctor. Every doctor will be able to tell you the exact amount of Cialis that will be better for you to take for the first time.

I a going to attend a very important dinner and I want to drink alcohol is it possible for me to mix Cialis with any kind of alcoholic liquid?
You are more than welcome to take Cialis but never with alcohol. You can not mix this drug with alcohol because you will have severe side-effects this way.
Either way, we want you to consult your doctor any make sure that you do not have any special conditions to forbid you from talking Cialis regularly or as often as you require.

Will I be able to order a Cialis from Canada for a fair price or will I have to overpay for a delivery?
Our prices are totally fair and we do not want you to overpay in any way. Please keep in mind that if you are offering a great amount of Cialis we are offering a very cheap delivery, and even free if you are located in a nearby regions or city. For the citizens of our country we have a certain discount that will make the whole delivery process easier and quicker in a noticeable way.

I want to become a potential customer am I going to get a certain kind of discount for my purchases of Cialis?
By all means, you are going to get a discount we treat our potential customer with a respect and total care. By the way, all of our clients can never worry about the safety of our clients and their purchasing No one is going to discover what kind of medicines you are offering and to what place they are being delivered.

For how long can I keep Cialis lying around, if I do not require it for some time?
You can keep a Cialis for a year, after that it will lose its functioning. Please consult your doctor if you are going to take Cialis that was kept at your house for a while. Never pick out the dosage on your own without consulting an instruction or your personal doctor who knows precisely your medical history.

Are you proposing any refunds regarding the functioning and obvious results of Cialis?
We can assure you that Cialis from Canada is going to help you. There is no need to worry that you will not be satisfied in any way. This kind of situation had never occurred while we have been on the market. But if unfortunately Cialis has not been working for you then all you ought to do is to call us. We will give you all your money back.

Can I eat a lot and still hope that Cialis will work, I am actually overweight and I am worrying that Cialis will not work on me?
Do not worry about being overweight. Cialis is working with everyone, but only if you have a sexual stimulation at this time. Keep in mind that if you are overweight you probably have some problems with your heart so talk to a doctor and ask him whether or not Cialis is going to help you. We do not want to make your heart problems more severe and awful so remember to check your health state.